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Our Story

Our family business began on a dark and stormy night in Dublin, Ireland 2015. Yes, we know that sounds like a cliché scary story, but it’s accurate. I was walking Blacky, our beloved family dog, along the narrow sidewalks of our neighborhood. I was wearing my reflective vest to help us be better seen by cars.

Unfortunately, my vest didn’t help when Blacky, our dark-as-night dog, scampered curiously along the side of the road sniffing at the grass. A car came out of nowhere and hit our sweet boy.

I scooped him up, ran home, and we rushed Blacky to the vet. Luckily, the vet diagnosed him with only light injuries and no broken bones. We were thrilled to hear the good news, but I knew this accident could have been avoided if just like humans, dogs could be better seen by vehicles at night.

I scoured pet stores looking for a solution, and I kept coming up empty-handed. That’s when I decided to create a reflective vest to keep Blacky and other dogs safe at night. Our first product, the reflective dog vest, was born out of a need for safety, visibility, and precaution for the four-legged family members that share their lives with us.

We wanted to keep dogs safe in our community and beyond. So, soon, we began sharing our devotion to dogs and selling our vests on Amazon in the U.S. and the U.K.

Where Did We Go From There?

We wanted to reach beyond the scope of most basic pet care companies. We invite others to join our community of people who love and care for their dogs as much as we do. We also donate a portion of our profits each year to help save dogs at-risk in high-kill shelters. We’re proud to be a part of the effort of helping the most vulnerable dogs find their forever families, where they will learn about love and companionship.

What Else Should You Know About Us?

Customer service is and always will be our top priority. From design to shipment, we put each pet owner that orders from us, and their dogs, first. We’re only as satisfied as our last happy customer.

Saving dogs is our mission

Check out our range of top quality safety vests, toys and feeding bowls, and help us save a dogs at risk.

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