8 Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

Summer Safety Tips For Dogs

Summer is a season of enjoying vacations, going to festivals, and enjoying the warm weather. However, it may not be as enjoyable when it gets too hot. Summer is especially hard on dogs since they are more sensitive to the heat than humans are.

If you own a dog then summer means preparation for the warm weather ahead. You must keep your dog comfortable to prevent any issues. If you are not careful, your dog may fall sick. So, prevention is necessary.

Top Tips To Get Through The Summer Safely For Your Dog

Here are the top eight tips every pet owner must follow to keep their dogs safe when it is hot outside:

1.     Keep Your Dog Hydrated

In the hot summer months, your dog is bound to sweat much more than usual. There is a misunderstanding that dogs do not sweat. They do. They have two different mechanisms for sweating. They sweat through their paws, a process that cools them down and they also sweat all over the body. This second type of sweating does not cool them down.

This means the majority of water lost through sweating does not cool down your dog. So, loss of hydration is even more significant in dogs. Drinking water consistently will help replenish the water loss and prevent your dog from dehydration.

2.     Limit Time Outside

Playing outside is very important for your dog’s health. However, during summers going outside can cause a whole lot of problems. If you are not careful, your dog might suffer a heatstroke. It is best to limit outside time.

Even if you want to take your dog outside be sure to do so once the sun is down. You might need to change your dog’s schedule. This will help avoid direct sunlight.Research shows that dogs suffer from heatstroke more often from exercising in hot weather than from being inside a vehicle during summer.

3.     Provide Protection When Outside

In this case, you do have to take your dog outside during the day and find some shade. Direct sunlight is very harmful. It can cause heatstroke and make your dog seriously ill.

Being under a shaded area provides some relief. If you have an open area where your dog like to go outside, you can add a shaded area so they can get shade when they are outside. Trees and tarps are great ways to get shade. A doghouse, on the other hand, will not work because it does not let air pass through.

Summer is also a time for mosquitoes and all kinds of bugs. Keep your dog safe by applying a repellent before they go outside. If you are going for an outing with your pup then use a leash or a collar to keep them at a close range. Some great options for leashes and collars are available on Trending Breeds website.

4.     Take Care Of Your Dog’s Fur

Aside from bathing, what your dog needs are proper grooming. Prepare for the summer weather by having your dog’s fur trimmed as much as possible. Shorter fur means a less thick coat. A thick coat naturally makes your dog feel hot.

Comb and brush your dog’s fur daily to get rid of dead hair that may be stuck in the coat. Regular brushing also gets rid of fleas that are common during the warm summer months.

5.     Frequent Baths

You may also need to adjust your dog’s bathing schedule accordingly. With the hot weather and frequent sweating, it is better to bathe your dog more often than usual. Bathing will help cool down your dog. It is a refreshing activity. Even if you got your dog from the Houston poodle rescue that does not mean you do not need to bathe it often.

Introduce more water-related activities. Instead of going for a walk in the hot weather, let your dog go for a dip. You can buy an appropriate-sized pool for your dog and let them have a good time. This will help them exercise without becoming too hot as well.

6.     Give Them Suitable Food

While it is important to keep your dog cool on the outside, keeping them cool on the inside is also necessary. Foods such as popsicles and ice water are great for ensuring your dog is cool inside out. Just make sure what you feed them is approved by your dog’s vet and is something they enjoy.

Keep food intake light because you are already giving your dog a lot of water. This will prevent them from getting an upset stomach or acidity.

7.     Give Them Indoor Entertainment

Not letting your dog outside should not hinder playtime. Find activities to do indoors. Get new toys for your dog. Interactive toys are fun and keep your dog busy for hours. Puzzles and games designed for dogs are readily available.

8.     Invest In A Fan

Dogs are more prone to getting heatstroke than humans. A heatstroke can prove deadly because it can lead to irreversible organ damage. If you live in a place that is not just hot during summers but also experiences high levels of humidity you may need to take extra precautions.

The way dogs sweat means their bodies do not cool off as much as ours. Add to that humidity in the air, and this further reduces the cooling-off effect because sweat needs to evaporate to make us feel cool. Getting a fan specifically for your dog may be necessary to make sure they stay cool.

There are many small to medium-sized fans you can get at a reasonable price. Place the fan near your dog’s bed so they can remain cool while laying down.

Enjoying The Summer Season

Summers, like any other season, should be a time of fun and pleasure for your dog. The best thing to do is remain prepared. Taking simple steps can keep your dog safe and healthy. You can visit Breeder Best for more information.

Pay extra attention if you have an active dog, has a thick coat, or are overweight. These risk factors can raise your dog’s chances of getting heatstroke. Consult your vet if you need additional help for better guidance.

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