Pet Toys Rope Set – 4 Pack

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ROPE TOYS TO THE RESCUE ? Does your big dog chew through tiny toys in a heartbeat? Treat them to toys that last with the dog rope toys for large dogs by 4LegsFriend! While all dog toys wear out, these extra-large, durable dog toys last 4x longer thanks to their large, thick design.

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Best Pet Toys Rope Set – 4 Pack

Pets love to chew!
When our homes and belongings pay the price, we have to reprimand our pet making him/her and us feel really bad.

This 4 piece set comes to prevent those bad feelings and at the same time, keep our dogs healthy and happy and create enjoyable and loving memories with them for many years to come.

The pet toys set comprises:
* 24? Thick Rope with 3 Knots.
* Rope Knot Dog Ball with pulling the handle.
* 4? Rope Knot Doh Ball.
* 2 Knot Rope with Chewing Rubber Pet Ball.
* Green Nylon carry bag.
The benefits of playing with the pet ropes are many:
* Bonding – when you play with your pet you bond with him/her.
* Training – teach your dog to come, fetch and release.
* Hygiene – Pulling on the rope creates friction which cleans the teeth and
massages the gums preventing decay and gum disease.
* With 4 different types of rope to choose from you have an unlimited number of games to play and consequently many different responses from your dog. He/she will not be bored for one moment which will ensure that your home is safe from inquisitive and destructive behaviour.
* 100% non-toxic cotton, they are machine washable so that your house can be free of germs and you don?t have to worry if your children happen to pick up one of the dog?s ropes.
* Multi Colors for your pooch and also because they are really easy to find in the grass or in the house.

It?s not that often that you will see ropes which are specially manufactured for Medium to Large dogs or for smaller dogs with a fantastic grip. Both of these categories of pet need to be treated as special so here they are, ropes just for them.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 8.3 × 3.3 in

8 reviews for Pet Toys Rope Set – 4 Pack

  1. K T

    A bag of fun

    My 1 yr old Pug puppy loves each one of the toys in this bag of tricks. Has kept him very entertained. Great value!

  2. Mickey 

    good for active dogs

    kept my active lab entertained so far they have held up really well

  3. N. Fares

    Puppy Approved

    My little pup loved it!

  4. Jazzy 


    My German Shepherds Love these toys. They are constantly playing with them and a month later they’re still Intact. They are never bored now that they have their toys to play with. Rope is real strong as well.

  5. Kathy M

    Its very durable, strong and heavy.

    Its very durable, strong and heavy. My Pit likes to chew chew chew. Most ropes he destroys in a day, this one he can not break.

  6. Michey M.

    Great colorful, keeping him busy for hours

    My puppy loves these, and the little drawstring sack that came with it is now my favorite, doggie bag to-go. Nice & bright both the toys and bag. Haven’t lost them yet!!

  7. nicholas s logan

    Durable and endlessly entertaining for my pup

    My dog loves these rope toys. She has successfully destroyed her second set of these and I will be ordering another for sure. This is highly preferable to her annihilating my furniture, the rug or my drywall. The ropes last just long enough to keep us coming back.

  8. Michey

    Super Rope Set 🙂

    Absolutely Love These Rope Toys 🙂 And The Seller’s Communication & Gratefulness For Purchasing 🙂 Just bought another set for a gift 🙂

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